ReTuBi Joint Summer School 2017 and SINAL 2017

ReTuBi Summer School 2017: 29-31 May 2017 and SINAL 2017 - 8th Meeting on Signal Transduction: 1-2 June 2017

ReTuBi Summer School 2017

The ReTuBi Summer School will be dedicated to the following scientific topics:


  • Genetics and Epigenetics of Cancer
  • Stem Cells and Cancer
  • Cancer Microenvironment
  • Cancer Metabolism



And will also include sessions with a FOCUS ON:


  • Clinical trials in personalized medicine
  • Systems Biology in Cancer
  • How to write a research paper 






Alex Edelman | Alex Edelman & Associates, France

Christophe Ginestier | INSERM, France 

Christoph Plass | DKFZ, Germany 

Dominique Bonnet | The Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom 

François Radvanyi | Institut Curie, France

Guoliang Cui | DKFZ, Germany

Jacques Ghysdael | Institut Curie, France

João Barata | iMM, Portugal

Martina Seiffert | DKFZ, Germany

Maud Kamal | Institut Curie, France

Nuno Barbosa-Morais | iMM, Portugal

Pedro Gameiro | The Francis Crick Institute, United Kingdom

Sérgio Almeida | iMM, Portugal

Sérgio Dias | iMM, Portugal

Silvia Fre | Institut Curie, France 



Oceanário de Lisboa


Target audience

PhD students, post-docs, master students and other researchers. 



To apply for the ReTuBi Summer School, please submit:

1) a short letter of motivation (1 page maximum)

2) a short Curriculum Vitae.

Preference will be given to applications from ReTuBi partner institutions (iMM, Institut Curie and DKFZ).


Applications should be sent to: 


Application deadline is 5th May 2017 and the selected participants will be communicated by 8th May 2017

The selected participants (30) are expected to: 

1) Make "flash presentations" of their work (maximum 2 slides in 2 minutes each)

2) Team up to present selected papers in Journal Club sessions


Please note there is no registration fee. Travel and accommodation expenses for participants from iMM, Institut Curie and DKFZ will be covered by the ReTuBi project. The selected participants for the ReTuBi Summer School 2017 have optional registration to the SINAL 2017 -  8th Meeting on Signal Transduction.

SINAL 2017 - 8th Meeting on Signal Transduction

The SINAL 2017 -  8th Meeting on Signal Transduction will include the following scientific topics:



  • Cancer Cell Signaling
  • Normal and aberrant signaling in the immune system 
  • Membrane Dynamics and Intracellular Signaling 
  • Spotlight on non-mammalian organisms











Bruno Silva-Santos | iMM 

Elena Baena González | IGC 

Helena Soares | CEDOC 

Paula Ludovico | ICVS 

Paulo Matos | BioISI 

Paulo Pereira | CEDOC 

Vitor Costa | i3S 

Wolfgang Link |CBMR


Keynote speakers

Christophe Lamaze  | Institut Curie

Jacques Ghysdael  | Institut Curie

Miguel Soares | IGC



Pavilhão do Conhecimento


Registration and Deadlines: 

Abstract submission: 5th May 2017

Registration: 19th May 2017


To register please access  [HERE] (All information on registration fees and abstract guidelines also available)

To submit an Abstract: please send you Abstract to the following e-mail address: 

Submitted abstracts can be on any area related to signal transduction and are not restricted in any way to the meeting session topics.


Workshop Career development and soft skills for young scientists

22-24 February 2017


This workshop will focus on the following subjects: career development and scientific integrity. There is an increased awareness of the need of training of scientists to be excellent researchers as well as inspiring leaders.

For this, the scientific training has to be complemented with soft skills training, which are useful both in academic and industrial environments and widens the horizons beyond the academic world.

As professional values and practices, when conducting and applying the results of science and scholarship by ensuring objectivity, clarity, and reproducibility.








Marion Gürth | German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

• João Valente Cordeiro| National School of Public Health (ENSP-UNL)

• Emma Ganley | PLOS Biology 

• Graça Raposo | Institut Curie



Anfiteatro Prof. Cid dos Santos, in Santa Maria Hospital


Target audience

PhD students, post-docs, master students and other researchers



No registration fee is required but registration is needed.Please register here until February 6!

Please note: This workshop is limited to 90 people.

Workshop Feb22-24Workshop Feb22-24 [3.228 Kb]

Workshop on High-Resolution Light Microscopy

Cancer Cell migration in Space and Time

17-22 October 2016, Lisbon



The workshop will cover recent advances in fluorescence microscopy, enabling measurement and computational analysis of a wide range of cellular activities. It consists of both lectures and hands-on sessions, giving the necessary theoretical background and practical insight into the application fluorescence microscopy to study cell migration and cellular processes at high spatial and temporal resolution. The main topics that will be covered are: principles of microscopy; fluorescent probes; live imaging; FRAP, FRET and photo-activation; image processing and analysis.

The first day (17 Oct) is an open day conference with lectures and the following days (18-22 Oct) will be hands-on sessions which, due to limited places available, are available only to researchers from ReTuBi labs.




Target audience

This imaging workshop is aimed at Master and PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and senior faculty members either with or without previous working experience in using light microscopy. 


17 Oct | Conference day 

Venue: Museu do Oriente 

The registration is free of charge and will be on a first come, first served basis.


  • Alex Dunn | Stanford University, USA
  • Claudio Franco | iMM, Portugal
  • Danijela Vignjevic | Institut Curie, France
  • Edgar Gomes | iMM, Portugal
  • Jan Lammerding | Cornell University, USA
  • Javier Bravo-Cordero | Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, USA
  • Johanna Ivaska | University of Turku, Finland
  • Matthieu Piel | Institut Curie, France
  • Olivier Pertz | University of Bern, Switzerland


18-22 Oct | Hands-on course 

Venue: Instituto de Medicina MoleculariMM 

Workshop tutors:

  • José Rino | iMM, Portugal
  • Jean Salamero | Institut Curie, France
  • Martin Jones | CRICK, UK
  • Anna Pezzarossa | iMM, Portugal

Only to researchers from ReTuBi labs.

To participate please apply to the workshop submitting: 1) a letter of motivation and 2) a short CV (1 page maximum). Send the application to until the 14th September. Travel and accommodation expenses for participants will be covered by ReTuBi Project and registration is free of charge.

Program 17-22Program 17-22 [309 Kb]

Kick-off meeting

The Kick-Off meeting took part in Lisbon, March 21-22 2016.