Staff exchange between iMM-Curie (2018/03)

From from March 24 to 31 of 2018, Edgar Gomes (iMM) made a "ReTuBi Staff Exchange" to Institut Curie to meet with multiple group leaders and discuss current and future collaborations. Edgar Gomes met with Matthieu Piel to follow up on the staff exchange of his student Catia Janota, that was at Institut Curie from the January 20 to March 4 of 2018, working on cell confinement during cell migration.

Edgar Gomes also met with Renata Basto to follow up on previous contacts regarding how polyploid cells repair DNA upon DNA damage. A meeting with Phillipe Chavrier was also scheduled to discuss the current collaboration regarding cell migration of breast cancer cells through collagen matrices and to understand the role of nuclear squeezing in this process. Edgar Gomes also met with Danijela Vignjevic to discuss the role of myofibroblasts in tumour invasion and tissue morphogenesis. A meeting with Cecile Sykes was planned to discuss a current project, financed by the ANR-France, to study nucleo-cytoskeleton connections.

Finally, during this staff exchange, informal meetings with students and post-docs from these labs were also proposed.

ReTuBi Lecture - Jean-Léon Maître

On March 22 of 2018,  Jean-Léon Maître from Institut Curie (France) was the invited speaker as an expert visit with the lecture “Mechanics of blastocyst morphogenesis”.

Summary of the Lecture:

During pre-implantation development, the mammalian embryo forms the blastocyst, which will implant into the uterus. The architecture of the blastocyst is essential to the specification of the first mammalian lineages and to the implantation of the embryo. Consisting of an epithelium enveloping a fluid-filled cavity and the inner cell mass, the blastocyst is sculpted by a succession of morphogenetic events. These deformations result from the changes in the forces and mechanical properties of the tissue composing the embryo. Using microaspiration, live-imaging, genetics and theoretical modelling, we study the biophysical and cellular changes leading to the formation of the blastocyst. In particular, we uncover the crucial role of acto-myosin contractility, which generates periodic waves of contractions, compacts the embryo, controls the position of cells within the embryo and influences fate specification.

Staff exchange between iMM-DKFZ (2018/03)

From March 10 to 15 of 2018, Dalila Silva from Cláudio Franco Lab (iMM) made a “ReTuBi Staff Exchange” to Andreas Fischer Lab (DKFZ) to optimize a immunostaing protocol for a Notch antibody. During this staff exchange it was performed an immunostaing protocol in mice samples that involves several washes and incubations with antibodies. After this protocol it was produced some pictures using a confocal microscope (Carl Zeiss) that were analysed using the Fiji software. This exchange allowed to improve the quality images acquired. 

From March 11 to 14 of 2018, Cláudio Franco Lab (iMM) made a “ReTuBi Staff Exchange” to Andreas Fischer Lab (DKFZ) to discuss the different projects ongoing in Andreas’ lab, to visit DKFZ core facilities to enhance the awareness on the latest technologies and capabilities available at DKFZ in order to seek convergence and cooperation opportunities between DKFZ and iMM.

Staff exchange between iMM-DKFZ (2018/02)

From February 03 to March 31 of 2018, Eunice Paisana from João Barata Lab (iMM) made a "ReTuBi Staff exchange" to Marc Remke lab (DKFZ). The aims of this staff exchange was to implement in João Barata Lab the CRISPR-Cas9 as a tool for knock down and knock out of genes and to perform high throughput screening of chemical compounds in cancer cell lines. During the staff exchange, Eunice Paisana start by learning the CRISPR-Cas9 technique in breast and colon cancer cell lines (MDA-MB-231 and HCT-116, respectively), both with and without brain tropism. After she modulated different genes that were found to be differentially expressed in samples from brain metastasis, in comparison with healthy tissues and primary tumors. Following this first aim, Eunice Paisana oerformed a drug screening using a clinical library including compounds approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) or already in phase III and phase V clinical trials, allowing for the identification of potential therapies of patients with brain metastasis.

ReTuBi video presentation

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Career development and soft skills for young scientists (2 Edition)

It was held the “Second Edition of the Career development and soft skills for young scientists - from Lisbon to the World Workshop from February 20 to 21 of 2018, at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular - João Lobo Antunes, Lisbon, Portugal. This Workshop was focused on career development and scientific integrity. The Workshop was planned with “General lectures” open to all scientific community and with “Hands-on sessions” for a target audience of 35 participants from Institut Curie, DKFZ and iMM.

The main objective of this Workshop was to provide to the participant’s the opportunity to discuss their career objectives and to exchange opinions with speakers about various career paths leading them away from the bench (education, industry, science communication and management). At the same time this Workshop provided contents related to responsible conduct of research in publication, research ethics, scientific integrity, scientific misconduct and good research practices.